Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review - Mountain Dew Voltage

Bottler: PepsiCo

Calories per Ounce: 14.5

Caffeine: Yes

Aaron's Comments: Have you ever wondered what it would taste like if you mixed regular Mountain Dew and cherry cough syrup? Or maybe raspberry cough syrup. Well now you don't have to wonder. You can just go down to your local supermarket and buy Mountain Dew Voltage because that pretty much what this soda tastes like. It isn't exactly bad, but it does have a fairly strong medicinal quality to it. Ice mellows out the entire soda, leaving behind nothing but the sugary syrupy taste. Adding ice cream doesn't really help matters much. There are very few sodas that have absolutely no redeeming qualities when made into an ice cream float. Mountain Dew Voltage is one of the exceptions, as making it into an ice cream float results in a mixture that tastes almost exactly like I would imagine using cough syrup to make an ice cream sundae would taste. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea why anyone would buy this soda a second time. It has boatloads of caffeine, but so do lots of other sodas that don't taste like bad cough syrup.

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