Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review - Blue Plate Special Blackberry Cobbler Soda

Bottler: Orca Beverage Company

Calories per Ounce: 13.8

Caffeine: No

Aaron's Comments: The Blue Plate Special sodas all attempt to emulate a classic dessert in soda form, and the Blackberry Cobbler soda fits right into this effort. With a taste that starts with a strong blackberry flavor and ends with a hint of doughy crust. One wouldn't think that one could make a soda that tastes like biting into a forkful of blackberry pastry dessert, but somehow this soda manages to accomplish exactly that effect. Ice seems to dampen the doughy aftertaste, leaving just a strong, but quite tasty blackberry soda flavor. As one might expect, adding ice cream works about as well as adding ice cream to an actual blackberry cobbler - that is, really, really well. Actually, really, really, really well. If you like blackberry cobbler, try this soda. You won't be disappointed.

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