Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review - Dominion Ginger Ale

Bottler: Old Dominion Brewing Company

Calories per Ounce: 11.3

Caffeine: No

Aaron's Comments: The difference between an ordinary ginger ale and a really good ginger ale is one of the most noticeable in the soda world. Dominion Ginger Ale is a really good ginger ale balancing just the right combination of spicy ginger with the sweetness provided by the cane sugar, which is quite a feat when one considers the relatively low calorie count of this soda. With ice, the ginger flavor is still there, but the sweetness is highlighted a bit more, throwing the balance off just a bit. Combining Dominion Ginger Ale with ice cream gives a relatively subtle, but still quite enjoyable ginger flavored float. And I think that more or less sums up this ginger ale - subtle and at the same time quite tasty and enjoyable.

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